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#210152 - When he did pull out he told me that he was going to come back each morning and show me just how many way's he could make me come , Mike also told me that in all his years , eaven his wife, that he had never enjoyed a fuck as much as he had this ! I had to ammit to him that he was also my best and I did want him to come back. Mike has shown me how to suck a man untill he commes , I HAVEN'T DID THAT WITH MY HUSBAND YET, and he has eaven got that big dick of his up in my ass ! MY husband hasn't got that eather, ha ha, The logging job ended and it was hard for Mike to get out to my house very often and I also started Nursing school and wasn't at home all day as I was back then. He pulled me around so that he was standing between my legs , which were hanging off the side of the table , and my ass was right on the edge .

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