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#347453 - With less than a half mile to go Mike opined, “Okay, babe, we’re almost there, finish him off!” No sooner than the words gotten out of his mouth before Marilyn threw her mouth into overdrive, bringing her now delirious stud boy to a stunning climax! “H-holy fuck!” he moaned as his fat pecker expelled load after load of hot jizz deep into the white cocksucker’s throat. “Well,” Tommy said with a grin, “let me just show you!!!” A cute little blonde quickly appeared at the black man’s side, and after getting a signal from Tom Finch, untied the sash allowing the front of the white robe to fall open! There was an immediate gasp from the crowd as the young man’s incredibly huge penis came into view! It wasn’t even hard and must have hung down at least eight or nine inches! “Is that proof enough, Bonnie?” Tom shot back.

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