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#190279 - Lauren wiped her eyes, and after she composed herself, we continued on with our work, but I couldn’t help thinking, This Dougie is a loser! Over the next few days, as we worked through our days together, Lauren would occasionally get teary, or she would fall silent and brood about her problems at home, and I would try to do what I could to comfort her. Maybe it was because I hadn’t been with a girl since about a week before my girlfriend left me, but I looked up at Lauren, and said, “I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but you’ve actually kept your figure pretty well. Lauren told me she still loved the man she married, and was trying to hold the marriage together for his sake, but I got the impression things were not altogether happy at home.

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Hinako sakuragi
Yes all the dots inside in action
Eve wakamiya
On some real shit whats the name of that song when he was giving her those backshots is it by plies