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#12707 - Ben had lain awake in his bed long after Scott had gone back to his own bedroom, he thought about what had just happened, and the opportunity he had missed, Ben cursed himself for not having been braver, Ever since he had began wanking about 4 years earlier, Scott had featured in so many of his wanks, Scott was the only guy he ever thought about when he was wanking, most of the times he would think of girls from school or some girl from TV, but at least once a week and most weeks twice his fantasies turned to his brother, and with those wanks the cum was always far more intense and felt more real, He lay there imagining Scott laying beside him, Soon his cock was brick hard again and battered off his third wank of the night, he had stroked off a quick one to Tina from corrie, when he got into bed that night, then his handsome sexy big brother had came into his room and gave him his second climax of the night, and here he was heading towards his 3rd climax as he recounted in his head wha

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