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#121747 - ’ And with that kindness, Lise-Jo was gone, the last to leave the suddenly empty and almost silent office – almost, because in the unusual tranquillity there could now be heard the faintest murmur of someone talking, behind the door of the separate and enclosed private office of the manager of the department, Ms. ‘Just as we thought, dear’, said the company owner with a warm smile, ‘you will be such an asset to our little company – you’ve shown that you work really hard and efficiently, you have such a nice helpful manner, and in addition you’re gonna be such a cutie to fuck, with your tight round tush and these lovely ripe titties!’ As she said this, the mature CEO brushed her thumbs expertly across both of Julie’s nipples, sending an explosive tingling burst radiating out from each nipple.

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Kanade minamino
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