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#113450 - Chook and I headed home for Dinner as it got dark as we hadn’t told our parents where we were, we met up later and headed back to Bernadette’s via a short cut through the gravel pile and saw Julies car parked next to the cop car. Julie’s face went from shock at Chris’s actions to concern at Colin’s apology to disappointment as Brad’s softening cock slipped out, her funny side returned as the commotion died down and she laughed and said to Colin “well since I’m left high and dry you may as well have a turn” and reached out to grab his cock. Anyway, getting back to the story … Chris had been watching intently for a while then stood up pulled his dick out and started poking it at Julies pussy, Julie laughed and turned to Brad behind her saying “I think Chris wants to go nex … ohhhhh shit !! ” as Chris managed to push his dick in beside Brads whilst cumming at the same time, Colin had already sprinted in to pull Chris off but the job was done so while Colin was apologising pro

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