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#221820 - i need $50,000 from my trust fund to pay harveys dads money problems off and save my marrage my parents looked at me and after a few minutes my dad said that is a very large amount of money son i looked at my dad and said i know it is but im prepared to pay it for my hustband back my mom said we will have to think about this son and let you know i smiled at my mom and said all im asking you to do is consider it please i went into my room annd watched some tv about a hour or two later my mom shouted leon you have a vistor so i went down stairs and harvey was at the door my mom walked way to give us some privacy harvey handed me my cheque back and said i told you babe i dont need your hand outs but thank you for trying to help i looked at harvey and said come in babe when harvey did i closed the door and turned to him and said how else are you going to pay of your dads $45,000 debts babe do you know how long your have to work for that kind of money without any money for y

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Ira gamagoori
Damn that was a good vid
Wolf berry
Was she a model or something before this