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#220866 - I managed to talk to her, but it was only as much as class related and on any attempt to avoid it and go to any other topic she would slip away… I wanted to say sorry to her, that I didn’t mean to do it, but that would not be nearly enough. – she said still exhausted and with a sweet voice - I did (no I didn’t) - You lie - I lie… - Don’t lie, make it true… I turned her around somehow, she giggled as she made it worse for not helping a bit and just letting me roll her around like a lifeless doll. How she was so easily into house? One of the reasons is that my parents and her became friends on record breaking time, because it was not enough dad was fishing freak but so was her dad… there is difference between passion and obsession and they could go hours about rods, baits and fishing without losing so much as 1% of excitement.

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