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#128207 - The sounding buzzer on his intercom caused a frown to cross Sumner Holton's face as he was wading through a series of depositions on a case he was preparing for trial the next day! He put down the documents and in a slightly irritated voice asked his secretary, What is it, Alice, I asked not to be disturbed!?! I'm sorry, Mr. Holton, is it all right if you husband gets back to work now!?! MmmmmHmmmmm, she hummed, but tell him he'd better not forget what's important, can you give him that message for me please!?! He kissed her hard on the mouth one more time and replied softly, Message gotten, message received!!! THE END.

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Tenya iida
Nice vid
Birdy cephon altera
Wish i could be in a scene shit let me even clean it up lol love ya xoxoxo