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#215021 - So, he did just that, with both his hands on the bears head, gently rubbing her and lowering her head down his shaft until her nose rest against his pubis, all the while she continued to lick and stroke his head and shaft with her long, slippery tongue. He could never have imagined that anything could ever feel this good, he had been with virgins who were nowhere near this tight. The hunter had now began grunting and moaning loudly getting ready to blow his load any second now, at the same time the bear seemed to be tightening around the man’s fingers, her vaginal walls constricting and convulsing as she no doubt reached an orgasm of her own.

Read Cornudo Parasite Queen | 被寄生的淫亂女王 Teenporn Parasite Queen | 被寄生的淫亂女王

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Solid acting i about half way believed it was real
Eiri yuki
Yesterday i touched myself 3 times in 1 hour with this hentai now again this is so good