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#59321 - When the teacher finally finished introducing me he told me to take a seat, and not just any seat; the seat right next to the boy I had just been so transfixed by. yo guys this is another story iv been working on and this only the first part of a pretty long story so plz all feedback is accepted because ideas are hard to come by also this story involves sex between gays who are under the legal age in america but who are the legal age where i live so don't come crying to me if its not your cup of tea, although if it is exactly what you came here for then by all means happy wanking :D I thought about the offer, it wasn’t what I wanted at all, I looked into his deep blue eyes and remembered how all this began. I wasn’t ready to give up though, I swore to myself that by the time he came I could swallow his entire tool.

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Ending was so hot it made me cum in just 2 minutes the idea having the cum in your mouth for long
Kinji tohyama
Sending some love to you