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#375088 - I had been filling my sister Tina with spunk for nearly 7 months when we were laying in bed she asked if l thought about us having a baby, well l wasn’t in favour of such an idea and declared that wouldn’t happen as she was on the pill, Tina gave me a cuddle and informed me she hadn’t been on the pill since l arrived then excitedly announced she was having my baby, l really wasn’t happy and asked how did she know it was mine and not Neil’s, my sister proudly declared she didn’t have sex with Neil until she knew that she was pregnant. All the lights were out when we got home so crept inside, when l went to bed l passed Tina’s room and heard a thud then ‘oh shit’ without thinking l walked straight into her room and due to her only having on a short nightie l got a great view of her bare bum and sandwiched between her inner thighs her squashed pussy lips, Tina was trying to pick up a bottle she had knocked off her dresser, l remarked how it was a lovely view, but a shame it was my sister

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