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#203704 - as Jack is pick out a weapons Lucie has just woken up in the small sort of room as Jack but it was not as nice and instead of a bed it was just a mattress on the floor, Lucie was looking around the room with her heightened senses, she could see that their were a few small cracks in the wall as will as something else, just as Lucie was about to see what it was a speaker come on in her room, there was muffled talking on the other side as a man came on and started talking asking if she knew what she was Lucie being Lucie said that she knew what she was, this caused the door to burst open with with looked like bodyguard with pistols pointed at her as Lucie started to panic. yes i know what you are think what a bad name for a family but what you don't know is that this two were the oldest on the planet at the age of 500 years old they had both meet in the great war of 2050. as the Umbra were dying out they did one last thing before they were all killed the created two of their own

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