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#355206 - I just about blew my load watching her take him all, now and then he pulled back a bit further, his cock would have to be 10 inches long to move that far out from her, but from my angle I couldn't see his cock fully, then his efforts got harder, his breathing louder, then he got verbal, telling his bitch she was going to take his baby juices in her ass, with every thrust now he pushed into her ass harder and harder, telling her what a naughty girl she was taking his spunk in her ass and how he would make her take the next load in her ass too, although he was talking dirty, he wasn't being to disrespectful to her. I waited for awhile then walked in, saying hello, and what a great sight that was, he jumped, not sure what was going on, Lyn laughed and said Hi, I lay next to her and kissed her tenderly. He told us he had done oral bi, but this was a first for him, Lyn smiled and said what else have you thought or fantasied about, Lewis had that shy awkward look, not knowing

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