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#276858 - After only several minutes of nipping and licking, the little slut was filling her mouth with hot cunt juice, her orgasm seemingly lasting forever!!! Steffi was a little jealous of Shelly that way, because her own cums were hard but much quicker than Shelly's, who just seemed to ride an endless wave of climaxes!!! What a way to start the morning, said a fully sated Shelly! Looking at the clock, Steffi said, Look at the time, we gotta get to work, so after dressing, Shelly kissed Steffi on the cheek and said, I just hope those dirty old men keep looking at your tits! Steffi just laughed and said, Off to work! THE END. Here's your coffee and the Journal, she said, placing them on the desk in front of the blond executive. Shelly loved seeing Steffi naked, because besides her big boobs, the rest of her was perfect too, from her long slim legs to the perfect blond vee of pubic hair that covered a very puffy pair of pussy lips, Steffi had a stunning body to say t

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