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#341021 - In seconds you start orgasming and push your legs wider so you pussy drops onto his face almost suffocating him, falling forward you start sucking his cock again and your orgasms continue as you moan and cry out with his young hard cock deep in your throat, almost as suddenly as your orgasm hit you feel his cock twitch and fill your mouth and throat with his cum making you swallow as much as you can. 4 hours later you pull up outside you house, ‘I wasn’t really expecting company you tell John, but we’ll muddle through I guess’ unloading the car you show him inside, ‘ok so I guess you can have the room next to mine, top of the stairs 2nd door’. Entering the on suite you turn the water on and leave it to warm up, you hear the shower going in the next room and wander back in to your bedroom thinking John’s already showering.

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