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#177100 - Jay picked out knickers and bra from my collection and went to his bedroom then called me in, he was laying on the bed with his legs apart and told me to fuck him like l used to do. Sometimes if Jay went to the shops l would go to his parents room take a pair of his mother’s knickers and fit them onto a pillow and fuck the pillow imagining my cock was up her pussy, l always cum quickly or if l knew Jay wasn’t going to be long l would take his mother’s knickers home, tear a hole in the crutch as they were always double lined, making sure the hole was big enough for my cock to fit into then l would fuck the knickers imagining how warm Jay’s mother’s pussy would be on my cock. Role playing with Jay was becoming so exciting he found an old wig of his mother’s and had learnt to put on makeup which he did very well, l loved kissing him when he wore lipstick, Jay knew just how to wank and suck my cock and when we were in a 69 and he shot his thick hot load into my mouth l would keep his coc

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Miang hawwa
Who is she
Shiki ichinose
Everyone has a price lol