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#118434 - Olivia said casually, and it's not unusual for not only the girl, but the boy as well to be afraid their first time!!! Oh, it's not that, he replied, she's done it with another guy along time ago, i-it's something else!!! Growing a little bit impatient with him, Olivia demanded, Okay then Jeff, what is it then why is she so nervous!?! Now growing red in the cheeks, he answered softly, She says it's because of me, because I'm too big for her!!! A smile broke across Olivia's face as she replied, Jeff, I'm sure that your girl friend is exaggerating the situation, all men are pretty much the same size give or take and inch or two, but not nearly enough to strike fear into the heart of your average female!!! Shaking his head from side to side, he said sadly, I don't know, but I think she may be right, cuz my first girl friend told me the same thing, she even called me a freak and told all of her friends!!! Children can be cruel

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