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#261652 - When school was over James returned home his slaves already in lingerie waiting for him when he entered good evening master the 3 said standing in the middle of the room Brian full of dirt from the work he did hello slaves he said and walked over to them inspecting their lingerie 's laurien had red that matched her kinky side Laura had blue for her styled taste and his mom had black that went good with her hair Brian stared at them he was tired but still awake he needed some release so James will give it to him he earned at least that James was thinking Brian you need a bath go to the bathroom and clean yourself he said smiling and Brian did as told he stood up and went to the bathroom steps in the shower and started to clean himself his cock was hard around 8 inches he was always hard why shouldn't he be he had spent the day with three smoking hot girls naked and he couldn't touch them ! After a few minutes James walked in his slaves following him hey Brian he said as he tr

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