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#311019 - Trapped under his massive warm body, totally exhausted and so satisfied ,the feeling deep inside of me warm and nice, the sensation of his cum running down my thighs, my body shivering and shaking in pleasure, the feeling of being violated by this huge animal, still not registering, the initial fear had the effect of making me wet and horny, now the thought of such a shamefull act, something so taboo, had me wanting him to keep on fucking me, I tried to relax and pull away from him, but for some reason it felt like i was locked to his cock, i tried again but he still had me gripped in his mighty paws. No No, i am fine just stunned, her hands moved slowly and her eyes were studing my face , then i felt my nipples being brushed , she must have realized and blushed herself, still apologising , she stopped then started laughing, so did i, my face burst into laughter, the best i had felt for a long time, as she walked away again, i wondered if the touches and gentle rubs on my nipples was

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