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#29569 - I reach forward and start to gently massage his cock and balls, focusing on his balls, I lick his dick clean of my pussy juices, no longer caring if anybody is looking, I suck his balls into my mouth and lick at them feverishly before licking back up the length of his cock slowly and taking it into my mouth, I manage about 5 inches and try to stretch my neck and get more in, but I've always had trouble deep throating. It was a thursday night, late April, I was walking home from a club at about 2 in the morning. Another moan escapes as I push backwards, his cock going deeper between my ass cheeks, he licks my cheek and kisses my neck then pulls my underwear to the side, releasing my skirt to do so, he rubs his cock against my tight asshole, pre cum coating the area, he continues to rub his cock against me for what feels like an eternity, loosening up my hole before suddenly thrusting the head of his cock into me.

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Sanemi shinazugawa
If only i had a man like him
Hana shirosaki
Good girl know how to make a dick cum