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#125008 - 5 minutes must have passed Kev was getting anxious telling me he needs to move so i just put my head down and closed my eyes tight and held my breath and knodded, Kev began to slide inside me a bit more my whole body shuddered in pain as he wnt deeper into my bowls, he must of been about 8 inches in and about to push his final inch in but it began tp push into my colon or in other words the entry to my guts if he pushed any harder he wouldve plunged into my colon and he would be covered in shit for sure. I could hear Kev yell IM GONNA CUM! all i could say was dont stop he picked up his pace even faster my mouth began to do that thing again were i wanna scream but i cant my eyes rolled in pleasure i think i was having an orgasm from my ass next minute Kev began to growl i felt something erupt in my ass he was cumming in my ass there must of bee at least 10 or 11 ropes of cum erupting in my ass once stopped he slowly pulled his shit covered cock out of my ass my ass sti

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