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#399845 - It was late when the girls took a rest, most guys had cum two or three times by now and quite a few limp cocks hung around, so after a drink for everyone, I told Joy to lay on the bench, then told the guys to do the same to her as I had been done, soon she was filled with piss in every hole and soaked too, but i told them to hold onto enough for Jan as well. While she was still strapped in she told me to bring in a horse, Steve got the brown horse with a good size cock, with us helping and Steve feeding him the mares scent, his cock found her cum filled ass and went in. Once she swapped with Joy, they took over, my cock also filling her mouth with piss as others did the same in her holes, or over her huge tits, Joy stood over her face and let fly too, then it was off to the showers for us all.

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