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#81459 - It has now been four months since Micheal told Steve about his dreams and two months since the compilation of the gender surgery Steve and Jessica have just finished having a good tumble around in bed, now that Mike is fully female named Jessica she no longer feels any shame in having sex with her best friend, So now that your body is ready, when do you want to move onto the next step in our plan? Steve asked the naked girl laying on his bed sperm dripping from her pussy, What next part? Jessica asked looking at Steve, You know what we planed all along Steve said bringing up the video of the young blonde being forcefully spitted on his computer, Jessica looked at the screen and started to shake, Umm I forgot about that Jessica said looking into Steve's eye's, Were you serious? Jessica added with a slight bit of fear in her voice, You said it was what you wanted? Dave said looking a bit mad, I know but I have had time to use this new body and I really enjoy being

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