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#93460 - As I started up the shower Lucy looked at me with the puppy eyes that she had when I first found her and I dropped to my knees and gave her the biggest hug that I could muster up, and then I found my hands roaming all over her coat all the while I was getting wildly turned on as I was with her again in my arms but I cared not of whether my injuries hurt or not as I stood up and walked into the shower cubicle where I proceeded to get us both cleaned up as I didn't know if she had been given one while I was gone. This spurred me on as I leant forward and kissed her on the back of the neck, quickening my thrusts I began to feel the walls within her tighten and release their hold on my cock(almost as thought she were massaging my shaft) but what ever she was doing was sending me sky high as I leant back and thrust into her Shooting all of my load that I had to give her. Getting back to my house I got through the door and Lucy had the look on her face as though to say And where the

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