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#132191 - I assume the pack you're wearing is the portable model of the time machine? Uncle Jim nodded, and asked Alex,by the way, why didn't you marry, or even a common-law girlfriend, to have children to inherit all this from you? I'd have expected you'd find at least one good woman, or use the Mansion in the far east where you could have multile wives, and sire an heir to take in, train as the one who'd be your heir, and a second choice, just in case. When he asked if she'd tried anal sex, or been fisted before, she replied she'd had toys in her ass, and didn't fear someone the size of Alex entering her there anytime, had only been fisted once before, by a partner who had very small hands, unless you counted having serious internal exams by a doctora few times that left her feeling stretched but knowing she was able to take it, provided enough lube was used. He slapped her ass, as he told her to quit trying to get him off too fast.

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