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#39408 - Cindy came in the room with her, apologizing over and over as Sandy continued laying it on thick, saying After he beat my ass, he fucked me hard and then shoved it in my ass hole, then made me wear the butt plug all night and all day today rubbing her fingers between her ass cheeks it still hurts so bad, he said I have to be his sex slave for the rest of the month for leaving him like that JUST BECAUSE YOU LEFT HIM LIKE THAT, YOU LITTLE BITCH Cindy again moved to give her sister a hug, saying I'm so sorry, I'll make it up to you somehow, I promise Sandy hugged her tight, saying YOU DAMN SURE WILL, YOUR GOING TO MAKE IT UP TO ME (my cue, I quietly walked in behind Cindy, my wife smiling at me, while holding her sister tight as I quickly slipped a collar around her neck and locked in place just as she started to turn WHAT. and pulled out, Sandy quickly replaced the plug and pumped it up until I said it was enough. Cindy was trying to look up at me as Sandy

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Elhaym van houten
The tic tac ruined it for me tbh
Lalc melk mark
What is she saying after every load