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#127390 - I backed the car in a dark wooded area where no one could come up around us and see what we were doing, I pulled out the magazine and began looking at the pictures of all the hot women as we were making comments about the different things we were seeing I noticed he had to shift in the seat a little, I didn’t say anything I just continued looking through the book and soon he kind of shifted again, I ask if he was having a problem he said he was trying to adjust because his sac was being pinched we laughed and kept looking at the magazine. He started up a conversation that caught me off guard, he ask me had I ever done any thing with a guy, I quickly answered no, have you, he said no but would like to have a guy suck his dick just to see what it was like how good or bad it felt. The memories of him will last a life time .

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Tsugumi hazawa
My kinda milf
Yuzu koyama
Hahahah lol
Momoko suou
I think randy pitchford would find this interesting
No way she wasnt paid to do thie