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#255554 - Dave leaves and i go and get something to eat before mum comes home and think about tomorrow when the electrician arrives End of Part 2 The Contractors part 3 By Adam At 7am the next day i woke up and got out of bed and put on my smallest nighty and took off my little panties as i knew the electrician was coming today and i wanted to be ready for him so i went down stairs and saw mum she told me she was heading out again for the day and that the electrician would be here around 8am so with that she left and i got myself some breakfast then went and cleaned my teeth and went up stairs to the new attic that was almost complete the chair had been moved back down stairs the day before so the electrician would have room to move around and put up his ladder to put the lights in thankfully the builders had built a wall that blocked off half of the wall which would be used for when my friends stayed over so dad had put a king size mattress in there and mum had put the sheets and pillows on

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