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#185475 - A few I knew who worked in the same job as my father would even try to embarrass me by saying this about my own mother who was six year younger than Linda, they’d say the same about the girl who lived next door to one of my grans who was 21 and had been babysitting for me and my brothers since she was fifteen, she was a really beautiful blonde and wouldn’t have given them a second glance, it was her that I had been picturing during my first experiments with wanking as a twelve year old. I dare say that if I’d been an American serviceman I would have been paying for the privilege. I haven’t been blessed with the biggest balls in the world and when I was sixteen they were not yet fully developed, so it was no surprise when she took both into her mouth at the same time and started to suck on them like they were gobstoppers.

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She moan like a blue face adlib
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