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#337530 - I spent the next few days reliving having the ejaculating cock in my mouth while I satisfied myself with a vibrator and a very large dildo!!!!!! wondering and hoping that I would get to feel it pulsing and ejaculating inside me one day. Breakfast was altogether different this time and when I laughingly told them what a randy pair they were the wife blushed and told me she had all on to keep him satisfied as he was always at her and she was having a job keeping up with him, he retaliated by saying that they were only young and they should take every opportunity to enjoy one another and anyway she very rarely complained. I made eye contact with my niece and was given a look of silent approval so I leaned over and was rewarded by having her husbands two hands on my breasts as he caressed them and moving even closer he was then able to suck the nipples, oblivious to what his wife might say.

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