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#35468 - then i heard Free bird start up and knew that was Bufords signature love making song so i fumed a minute then jammed my hands down in my pants and started to walk away when i felt my set of keys to the trans am. i sat back up and looked at the console between the front bucket seats and BINGO Sarah had left her checkbook in there and her debit card was in there too i walked into the gas station there was an old guy in there reading a newspaper i scanned the inside of the store and saw the atm i walked over and slipped the card in my first guess at sarahs pin number was the one her favorite number had always been 8 i entered it 4 times and was rewarded with a greeting and proceeded to make a withdrawal turns out Ms sarah had lied to me earlier yesterday when she had conned me out of my last 40 dollars so she could buy herself and the kids groceries and looking at her balance now of 2,493.

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We need a camera like that