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#121703 - Regaining her energy, she shifted pillows and cushions to their heads and lied next to him. The spire shot up in a spiral; the lower wings shot in either direction, curving around the front of the building; these wings were fully of coloured glass, allowing a clear sight into the interior, which was so diverse in its assortment of clutter and furniture, that it was impossible to gage a theme. “I suppose I’ll have to ask why you sent Quille so quickly…” Astral implied questionably, “I know she clings to your every word.

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Subaru natsuki
Hummm adoro ter te dando mito leitinho pra mim delicia
Haruna sairenji
Damn im a little in love i think omfg thats was hot
Kanami etou
Thank you
Yuuka kazami
Makoto harada
What classroom has a fucking bed in the middle of it
Hina ichigo
No idea