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#57138 - We dressed and I snuck out the back door while I made Dean go out the front and tell them he had to get home before his girlfriend missed him. yeah, I think you were going out with him when I first met your Mum, wasn't that the good looking tall guy that was into 4WDrives? Yeh he was my boyfriend right through school and through my teens, such a hunk, all the girls were chasing him So he was the one who got your V card ? I asked Yeh, it was an extraordinary night, so perfect, he treated me like a princess … Mum took one look at me and knew as soon as I walked in the door He seemed like a very polite and respectful boy from what I remember, I kept thinking that you had done very well catching him I said. By the end of the weekend I had the feeling that Ben had some real feelings for me.

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Tomo takino
Cool hot girl
This bitch looks exactly like this girl ik