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#44429 - I guess I was larger than I had though I said to myself as for just a moment I stayed where I was unmoving marveling in the feeling I was getting from within her, the feeling of licking her pussy was in no way comparable from feeling the soft silk lining of her pussy stretching and wrapping around my cock; I looked into her face and saw the true image of bliss as she held her eyes closed savoring the sensations rolling over her body and as I began to thrust I could see her mouth begin its impossible journey to both ears. Slowly I made my way down from her shoulders and began to caress her top breasts that were noticeably larger than that of her other breasts, the tenderness set her off as I felt her hands rolling over my body; the roughness of her pads cased my skin to ripple and cause me to shiver all over.

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So we re just not gonna talk about how he fucked her tits back into her shirt
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