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#290271 - First of all to set the scene - I was living on my own in a foreign country in Eastern Europe where I couldn't really speak the language and only had a couple of friends locally. Thankfully the summers are long and usually hot, so I waited a while and then one day I walked outside when semi-hard and fiddled around with my washing, going in and out of my place now and then, but still able to pretend to ignore the fact she was by now openly staring with her mouth open, at what had by then grown into a lovely hard cock - I even stopped and glanced down at it, stroking it a couple of times and wiping the drooling pre-cum off with a finger and licking it, all the while she was stood still, in what must have been shock ! I was so aroused that it seemed as if cum was constantly trickling out whilst I walked - I had never had that happen before, where I was in a sexual situation but without any female contact, and I must say that I enjoyed the feeling so much that I made sure it happened ag

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