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#302646 - My thoughts are of nothing but devouring your hard member, your hands reach down and grab my head on either side, you start to thrust in and out of my mouth, your movements gathering momentum I try to keep in rhythm but your strokes are reaching further and further down my throat, my lips stretching in an attempt to accommodate your width, I relax and stay still allowing you to take over, you keep thrusting harder and deeper until I am gagging on your length and am desperate for air, finally you stop and before I can really catch my breath you man handle my body so that I am lying on my back, you spread my legs wide and your mouth descends and sucks my clit hard, As you part my legs further, my hips rock, your fingers stroke me and enter my drenched pussy, I already am so close to orgasm and my hips rise and fall with the attention your fingers and your mouth to my clitoris you withdraw your fingers and replace them with your tongue, A warm gush of cum covers your mouth as my body shud

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