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#150846 - If a guy, Nathan sees me fully naked that means we are married. So I said to her sure, ill let him in Jodie then saids, So were you and Helen planning to have sex? She is looking straight at my boner while is saying it I reply, um yes, um we were, is that a problem for you,? No, you two are old enough to make your decisions. Joy, her younger sister by 3 years, 5'7 dirty blonde hair brown eyes c cup, slim 45kg with curves all in the right places One night I am invited over for dinner, her mum and dad ask me, what I do for work, how i feel about Helen, (we have only been dating for a two weeks) I tell them we met two weeks ago, we have been on several dates, and I like her lots and wish to continue seeking her, if that is ok I tell them Im an assistant manager and in the manager trainging program for Silvio's Pizza (who buys out domino's in 95, and they change from Silvio's pizza to domino's pizza) Her Jodie and George look at each other, and ask

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