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#371045 - . Before I slipped out of our room still dressed like a whore in a garter belt, stockings, bra and a thong, I entered the living room where the guys were, I looked at them, and pulled my thong off walking over to Bill and pulled his BBC out, I started to play with it until he was hard as a rock, I climbed on top of him and sank down on his cock, I felt Steve get behind me and felt his cock head on my ass hole as he pushed into me, John came over and placed his hard cock in my mouth we all got a good rhythm going and soon the guys all exploded with in me. i was shocked, I told them I had to get out, as i stared to walk out i felt a hand on my ass and a finger on my cunt, about 2pm we left the lake, and went back to our place, the guys started drinking, as i put our daughter into bed, i went into the kitchen and started making some salads i must have been lost in thought when john came in, he slipped up behind my and grabbed my ass and started to massage it, he slipped his hand aro

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Kiyal bachika
Wow so thin and with such a big booty