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#17984 - She didn't text me for a few days and I started to get worried she would tell her mum an then she would tell my mum and I would get in trouble, so I txt her asking if she was ok she said yes she was fine she jus needed time to think, I said that was ok, I asked her to tell her friends the reason we wernt talking was because I asked her out and she said no, she agreed. I don't remember it that clearly but when I was about 8 a new girl and her family moved to the village she was 2 yrs younger than me so must have been about 6 at the time and she became part of our group, Her name was Emma she had thick dark brown hair nd very large brown eyes and a pretty mouth, she was slim and about average height for her age, Being the youngest we instantly terrorised her as kids do, for no apparent reason other than she wined alot, however I always felt sorry for her and I didnt understand why but as soon as I met her I was instantly attracted to her, As the years wen by we

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