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#247125 - Just when I was about to take matters into my own hands and start touching her ass, I heard a loud smack of her mouth as she let Jeff’s cock slide out and she turned to me and said “You need an invitation sweety? Get behind me and fuck me hard with that dick!” As her head continued bobbing up and down on Jeff’s cock , I got behind her as she spread her feet apart and arched her back exposing her perfectly soaked , beautiful wet cunt. She gets to the fridge, opens the door, and bends over making that ass round out even more as she said “beer OK?” I said “sure” with my eyes locked onto that fine ass, I guess I must have gotten in heavy stare mode because I didn’t really notice her turn around and she caught me in full ass stare! I felt so busted! She knew I was staring at her ass and she smiled and said “You like what you see back there?” I was a total loss for words and in shock at the same time and all I could come up with was “Do I like what?” As if we both didn’t know th

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