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#175218 - Her 2 sons look at eachother in shock and Jessica says what's wrong boys? you've seen me in my underwear before, it's not like I'm naked . Jessica smiles, laughs and says Wow why so much heart warming affection all of the sudden? she then says Well to be honest I could use a shoulder massage and a foot massage Her youngest son sits on the couch and says Come and sit over here mom between my legs, I can massage you you with all 3 arms . Wearing a long thick coat and making sure no one is looking she puts on her mask and knocks on her own appartment door, her oldest son opens the door and says Come in bitch she enters her own appartment and her youngest son says welcome to our home you slutty whore her oldest son looks at her nylon covered feet in their black platform high heels and he says take off the coat, we want to see what you wearing under there she removes her coat and reveals that she's only wearing nylons that stop at her

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