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#292227 - I was acquiring quite a collection of knickers, French, silky, nylon and lace, some l would find in the street but other’s l would take when visiting aunts and cousins even family friends, when l got the chance l would fuck the knickers pretending l was fucking the owners warm pussy and spread my cum over the crutch let it dry and put the knickers back where l got them from, it was so horny seeing the girl and woman, l would wonder if she they were wearing the spunk covered knickers. I still carried on with my knicker fetish, me and Jay have built up quite a collection of woman’s clothing of all different sizes. 30pm the drinking began straight away, Jay put on a porno film for us to watch then we were stripped sitting discussing our sex exploits since we last saw each other, Jay found me feeding my wife’s friends my cum horny and began wanking his cock harder then he told me how he liked to wank himself while in a queue or busy train and shoot his cum over the woman in front of hi

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Misaki yamamoto
Same here
Que chulada de culito es mucha vieja para ti ni el culo le mamaste vales veega