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#284925 - Taking Winnie by the arm, the sales lady whispered, Don't say another word and follow me, dear, I think I have exactly what you need in the last aisle!!! A dumbfounded Winnie allowed herself to be steered to the rear of the store where the saleslady reached into and open case and pulled out a pair of very sleek looking latex under pants!!! I think this would be more to your liking, she said while handing the item to Winnie, what panty size do you wear, dear, let me guess, a size five maybe!?! Before Winnie cold reply the woman added huskily, Here, let me feel your bottom so I can get a better idea of your size!!! A stunned Winnie stood there with her mouth agape as the middle aged woman took her hand and firmly cupped her bottom, while letting it roam all around testing its fullness!!! I was wrong, she said softly, you look like a size five, but you have a very plump bottom, so I'd guess that you're closer to a size seven, am I right!?! Uh, yes, a red fa

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