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#105394 - Until that afternoon, the thought that I could be Gay had never entered my head, And now I was lying naked in bed with my mate's big brother, and feeling more fulfilled and happy than I had ever felt in my life. Little by little I took more of his massive cock in my mouth, I gagged a little, but Kenny told me to take it slow until I got used to it, I knew I was getting used to it by the movements Kenny made and the little groans he let out, Kenny moved round and started to lick my ass hole his tongue pushed in and out of me, The feeling was ten times better than getting my cock licked and sucked, It took my breath away, I had to stop sucking him for fear of biting his dick, As I groaned with the shear pleasure I was feeling. 45 Kenny told me I had to get dressed, Telling me that he had a mate coming up to see him and that I could not be there when he came to visit, He told me that he would be busy until about 9 pm, but if I was stuck for somewhere to sleep then I could come

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Medusa lily
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