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#35537 - I think the poison's done somethin' to my pecker so I need you to do some o' your doctorin' on it! Granma McCutcheon laid the stirrin' spoon against the inside of the pot and she walked over to me, and she said, Wendell, you are a special kind of stupid! I said, Thanks Granma, but I need help with my pecker, not compliments. Anyway, this here story starts a ways back one time when I was stayin' over at Uncle Abe's place, so's I could help with the shingles on the roof. Anyway, after we lost my daddy, my Ma brung Priscilla and me up all on her lonesome, but I reckon she done okay at it.

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Maki genryusai
V thats fucking disgusting
Misao makimachi
This is so hot