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#105829 - In seconds I was back on the verge of coming and I let go of his hair and pinched my own nipples to send my brain into orbit. I simply typed, ‘Well it would be rude if we didn’t meet up!’ Now I knew that John had a bit of a crush on me and again, that’s not being smug, just stating facts so his reply made me smile. “You brought cheese? You brought cheese to the Dairy State? I thought you read up on this place?” Still naked, I put my hand on my hips and drew myself up to my full 5 foot 1 inch and squared up to him, “Listen honey, I never travel without my vintage cheddar cheese and after I’ve cooked for you, you’ll agree that it’s better than sex!” Even I didn’t believe the last statement but John just shook his head and laughed at me.

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Ark royal
Wow this guy is amazing so attentive takes control and damn has he got stamina and pace
Yess outside is the best