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#153539 - Ray made her moan loudly and she began screaming at about half way as Ray slipped in and out of her pussy I could see her pussy lips straining against his cock and Sasha had cum already and Ray was barley even pumping yet he gently worked in deeper once he couldn't get in any deeper he was about 7 inches inside her so he began pumping with long strokes thrusting hard as he got to Sashas limit she was in extecy he made her cum again but this time I was shocked when Sasha squirted abit she had never done that from being fucked by me I had seen it when she was being eaten out and fingered right. Ray switched it up abit he had been fucking her hard for a good 20 minutes know and Sasha was becoming really sluty. He was a very tall man and had a deep stern voice he dressed up very neat and it was very clear he was into gym his chest was bulging and his arms were massive he was in tight skinny jeans and to be quite honest I couldn't help but notice the bulg in his pants.


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